What the Hell Is Up With the New Venom?


?It’s a rhetorical question, since I already know the answer. But if you don’t want to know who the new Venom in the Marvel universe is and why he doesn’t look at all like Venom, consider this your SPOILER WARNING.

The new Venom is Flash Thompson, former bully of Peter Parker and recent Iraq war veteran who returned home after losing both of his legs in battle. He and the alien symbiote have teamed up to work for the government, hence the Spider-guy in the Spider-military duds in the picture above. The good news for Thompson is that Venom effectively gives him his legs back; the bad news is… well, it’s fucking Venom. You can read all about it/him/them in the new Venom series beginning in March.

I don’t have feelings either way about the new Venom, although I am mildly annoyed at the symbiote’s odd determination to bond only with people that know Peter Parker personally. I’m calling it now — within 10 years, Mary Jane will be Venom for a bit. Within 20, Aunt May will too. You just wait and see. (Via Comics Alliance)