Will Transformers 3 Feature Robots with Mullets?



?Yes. Yes it will.

This is one of the Wreckers I posted in vehicle mode the other day. As an alien robot who’s alternate form is a NASCAR car, he of course has a mullet. I look forward to him speaking exactly like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel from The Simpsons, and making a joke about having sex with his sister Transformer. Thanks to T16skyhopper for the tip.

Hey. Hey everyone who said the Generation 1 Transformers designs were too stupid and could never possibly work on-screen. How does a robot with a goddamn mullet fit into your grand scheme of what works or not? The fact of the matter is, this guy, when compared to the G1 cartoon alone, in terms of visual design this modern, mass audience-intended, major motion picture design IS ACTUALLY DUMBER THAN ANY DESIGN IN THE ORIGINAL ’80S CARTOON.

Furthermore, since Bay decided to redesign the Transformers to be massive, overcomplicated heaps of thousands of intricate parts — rendering them indistinguishable from the original designs or each other — he ruined his own ability to pull this shit off. If he had used simpler, more cartoon-y designs — I’m not even saying G1, just something less convoluted and byzantine — he could have had robots with mustaches and mullets and shit and it would have been fine. I’d have still bitched about the latter, but at least it wouldn’t totally fucking clash with the aesthetic established by his own fucking movies.

Christ. You guys thought I hated Revenge of the Fallen? You have no idea what the hell I’m going to do to Transformers 3. It is fucking on