A Thor Clip You Pretty Much Know and a Cameo You Don’t

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Hey, it’s a Thor clip that has been shown practically in its entirety in the various trailers! Fun! Kind of! Not really! Okay, actually I’m only posting the clip so I can have something on the front page when I tell you a cool Marvel cameo has been confirmed for Thor, and I’ll tell you who it is after the jump. Spoiler warning, natch.

Looks like Hawkeye will make his first appearance in Thor. SHIELD calls him into deal with the Thor situation (or at least talk about it). Apparently his outfit is much like the one he wears in The Ultimates, complete with sunglasses and a compound hunting bow; although I love Hawkeye’s purple comic costume, I’m seriously okay with this, as there’s no way it would’ve have worked on-screen. I don’t know if this news makes me want to see Thor more than Captain America again, but it certainly puts the race even closer. (Via /Film and Coming Soon)