Booster Gold Is Somewhat Golder Than I Remember


?Like so many mid-list DC heroes, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will be stopping by the final season of Smallville — specifically, on the April 22nd episode (and before anyone gets their underoos in a twist, note that by “mid-list” I mean “not Batman or Wonder Woman.” Anyways, Comic Book Resources has a pic of the duo, and while I’m pleased to see the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle (not that surprised, since Geoff Johns is writing the episode and Johns released that live-action Reyes/Blue Beetle test footage a while back), while Booster Gold is… uh… gold. Like, really gold. Like, his face is gold. Now, I feel liked one of three things is happening here:

1) For some reason, there is a gold light shining on Booster in the pic, which is why he looks gold.
2) There was one point in DC continuity when Booster Gold really had gold-colored flesh, and this episode is referencing that for some reason.
3) Booster Gold has actually been gold all these years and I just never noticed

I hope it’s not the latter. I mean, that dude is fucking gold. I feel like I would’ve noticed.