Fan Flick Trifecta: Shadowrun, Halo, Killzone

Need more lunchtime viewing? Well, you could do a lot worse than this Shadowrun student film from 1992, made by Topless Roboteer Brian Cain and Gregg Hale (later of The Blair Witch Project). It’s short, but it’s also only several billion times better than that official FASA-made Shadowrun promo I showed you guys a few weeks ago. More after the jump!

? A number of professional VFX artists have gotten together in their spare time to make a fan film called Halo: Faith. The Facebook page is here, which features some art as well as a call for voice actors. You better believe the minute this thing has a promo video I’m running it.

? I’m waaaaay behind on this excellent Killzone fan video, and for that I apologize, because this is far more gripping than the bit of Killzone 3 I’ve played so far. I can’t image how they did the set and explosives; it’s crazy. And it has less people ducking behind waist-high walls, too. Thanks to AfterGlow for the tip.