First Look at Tron: Uprising Causes an Uprising… in My Pants

With my all my fawning, constant coverage of Tron: Legacy last year, you might have forgotten that Disney was also going to release a CG cartoon series prequel to the movie, subtitled Uprising. Well, he first trailer for the series just came out… and frankly, I just came. Obviously, I’m way too much a Tron fanboy to be anything resembling partial here, but the animation looks great, the fact that the lightcycles can turn instantly in 90-degree angles makes me happy, and the plot, well:

Beck, a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a
revolution inside the computer world of The Grid. His mission is to
free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous Clu 2 and his
henchman General Tesler. Beck will be trained by Tron – the greatest
warrior the Grid has ever known. Tron will not only teach Beck the
fighting skills he needs to challenge this brutal military occupation,
but will be a guide and mentor to him as he grows beyond his youthful,
impulsive nature into a courageous, powerful leader. Destined to become
the new protector of the system, Beck adopts Tron’s persona and becomes
the archenemy of Tesler and his oppressive forces.

There’s Tron. Tron is in fucking Uprising. And Tron will be voiced by Bruce Boxleitner. I am fanning myself like a 19th century Southern belle at this news. Admittedly, I have zero idea how this works with the stuff seen in Legacy, but as long as they have a plan better than “a wizard did it” I will be fine with it. The series starts properly on Disney XD in 2012, although there will be a 10-part mini-series in the fall. You know, if Disney XD runs Tron: Uprising with the Avengers cartoon, they’ll be able to rename it the “Rob Bricken’s Childhood Ecstasy” block. (Via /Film)