Game Trailer Trifecta: Dragon Age II, Uncharted 3, Alice: Madness Returns

? Dragon Age II comes out today, so this trailer is less a preview than a reminder that holy shit, Dragon Age II comes out today. I’m still working my way through the first one, which I’m actually glad of — if I’d finished it, I’d just be sitting here too poor to afford Dragon Age II, and miserable about it. Since I still have the first DA to play, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything… yet, at least.

? Um. So my PlayStation 3 supposedly comes in today or tomorrow, and Topless Roboteer Lily412 has been kind enough to mail me her old copy of the first Uncharted game. What I’m saying is that I still know jack shit about Uncharted, unfortunately. Here’s a video of him jabbering with some evil old British woman. Enjoy?

? Since you all were so excited by that last Alice: Madness Returns trailer, here’s another, more concentrated look at the gameplay. First of all, what is up with the color? Is that right? Is a certain level? Is it a part of the game? Because it’s really obnoxious. Second, does Alice has a dodge move where she turns into a bunch of butterflies to avoid an attack just likein  Bayonetta? There are worse games to rip off than Bayonetta — it made no sense, but it was hella fun — but damn. I hope I’m wrong about that.