Geek Apparel of the Week: Keep on Traken and Winners Don’t Use Drugs

keep on traken.jpg

?? Since I’m ignorant of classic Who, I don’t really know about “The Keeper of Traken” storyline, but I do know that I very much appreciate any picture of the Fourth Doctor drawn like R. Crumb’s Mr. Natural. It’s $14 at Zazzle. Thanks to Doc Smashy for the tip.


?? Anyone who entered an arcade in the early ’90s should have no problem recognizing this shirt. Oddly, whenever I see it, the first game I think of is the WWF Superstars games. Goddamn that was fun, especially the Royal Rumble, where you could toss out other players out of the ring and force them to blow through their tokens. Good times. Anyways, it’s $20 at Split Reason.