Game of Thrones Facebook Game Is Open

UPDATE: This just in on the Game of Thrones tip – the new season three trailer will premiere on Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Finally, something less cute than Farmville, and that plays good music. Now open in beta, Game of Thrones Ascent has key features like…

-Rule your own noble house! Upgrade your holdings over time. Build your keep, your lands and your forces.

-Become the most powerful noble in Westeros! Choose your path to success through battle, intrigue or trade. Watch your Power rank increase as you take actions in game.

-Become a bannerman to one of the Great Houses! Choose your loyalties among Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy or Targaryen.

-Fuck your sister! Use the game’s patented Incest Engine (TM) to get it on with family members and breed unusually short (but critically acclaimed) heirs.

-Push children out of windows! Find and target the youngest online players of the game, and be sure to attack them when they least expect it.

I might have made those last two items up.

Also there’s going to be a Game of Thrones beer, which should enhance the reality of the experience.

Video after the jump…