Hey, Listen! (No, Seriously, Listen to This)

The rather adorable songstress of the “Star Trek Girl” song is back, this time was a song about and sung by Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’d say it stands a decent chance of being the least annoying thing Navi has ever been associated with, although I appreciate that’s not an especially high bar. Much like “Trek Girl,” the song is pretty good, but the storytelling and production values have really shot through the roof in this one — meaning there’s actually “actors” “acting out” a “story” and she’s no longer standing in from of her bedroom wall. As always, I ask that you use a modicum of respect in the comments when discussing the song and singer, although if you happen to find her post-song credits especially… Navi-like, shall we say, I won’t begrudge it of you. Thanks to David R. for the tip.