Japan Is Not Helping Cyclops’ Image Problems

There’s always been a lot of hate for Cyclops. He’s generally viewed as the boring, uptight leader, and the few times he actually does something interesting, it’s always a little distasteful, like fucking evil clones or former archenemies of former girlfriend Jean Grey. Now, thanks to some more artwork from Madhouse’s X-Men anime, he has another problem: Looking ridiculous.

xmen anime.jpg

?A lot of you are going to say he looks gay, but I disagree. He looks like a Japanese metrosexual, one of those guys who pays super-strict attention to his hair, clothes and even sometimes wears make-up (but all in an attempt to bang equally hussied-up girls) that crowd the streets of Shibuya late at night. Well, actually, if it were just that, he’s probably look okay, but that style has carried over into his superhero outfit, and that’s what makes him look really, really ridiculous. I understand why Madhouse did it, of course — you want to have at least one sexy guy on the team in hopes of attracting female viewers, and you can’t exactly turn Wolverine, Beast or Professor X in bishonen pretty boys. I hope it works out for ’em. At very least, Storm, Wolverine, Professor X and Beast all looks great, and I’m really digging Armor in her, uh, armor, too. If Cyclops is the price we have to pay, I’m down with it. Marvel has a few more screenshots and character designs from the anime here, by the way. (Via Comics Alliance)