Foreign Trailer Trifecta: Black Lightning, Goemon and Baton

? From Timur Bekmambetov, the director of Wanted and those Russian cult-hit Nightwatch films, comes this Russian flick about a kid with a flying car who eventually fights evil or something. I saw both Nightwatch and Daywatch and found them simultaneously kind of awesome and kind of terrible, although I don’t know if I can articulate why. Still, weird.

? Goemon is a samurai flick from Kaz Kiriya, who did the live-action Casshern movie a few years back. I was super-excited about the Casshern movie, because its trailer looked unbelievably stylish, action-packed, and awesome. I was disappointed to find out that all the good scenes were in the trailer, meaning that there were 135 minutes of incredibly boring bullshit left in the film. Suffice to say, although this looks cool, I’m very worried about getting screwed again.

? Baton is an anime movie from Ryuhei Kitamura, better known for Versus and Godzilla Final Wars. People give Kitamura a lot of shit, but I really, really dig his movies, and the fact that this anime looks almost nothing like regular anime also has me excited. I also have no fucking clue what it’s about, which is probably helping.