Katee Sackhoff Wants to Star in the Powers Series

sackhoff powers.jpg

?That’s the news. Former Battlestar Galactica star wants the role of co-main character Detective Deena Pilgrim in FX’s Powers series, based on the the Brian Michael Bendis comic. Now, as I’ve mentioned, I haven’t read the Powers comic, but tell me if any of these sentences are incorrect:

? Powers is a good comic.
? Presumably, Deena Pilgrim is a good character.
? Katee Sackhoff is a good actress, especially at playing badass women.
? Katee Sackhoff bears a close resemblance to the character.
? FX would be fucking morons to turn her down.

Seriously, does anyone doubt that Sackhoff couldn’t nail the part? Furthermore, casting Sackhoff would add instant nerd cred to a series that needs as much of the nerd audiences as possible (as I prove, not every nerd reads comics). So FX — don’t be dipshits, and do not blow this fantastic opportunity that’s fallen into your lap. I mean, that would be like Nathan Fillion wanting to star in a movie based on the Uncharted game, and someone turning him dow… oh. (Via Comics Alliance)