Marvel Team-Up: Deadpool and Dr. McNinja (Kinda)

mcninja deadpool.jpg

?Marvel, in one of the greatest moves they’ve made in recent memory, has hired Chris Hasting to write the Deadpool: Fear Itself tie-in. You may know Hastings as the creator/writer/artist of the webcomic Dr. McNinja, which is totally, insanely awesome. Seriously, if you’re a Deadpool fan but haven’t read any Dr. McNinja, let me assure you that Hasting is the perfect writer for Deadpool. And if you’re a McNinja fan but not a Deadpool fan, you’ve gotta be happy one of the big two comics companies has finally hired Hastings to write an official superhero comic. And if you’re neither a fan of Deadpool nor Dr. McNinja, but happen to be a fan of MC Hammer and his pants, it looks like you’ve lucked out, too. Thanks to Peter D. for the tip. (Via Marvel)