Playmates Toys to Try That Thing That Worked Again


?Back in the early ’00s, Playmates Toys released The Simpsons figures that had special chips and doohickeys in them that allowed the figures to utter famous quotes from the show when they were on various playsets. The toys, the gimmick and the sets were all pretty great, and collector’s bought the hell out of them. The World of Springfield line made them a shit-ton of money, and when the toyline ended in 2004, the shit-ton of money ended, too. Now, a mere seven years later, Playmates has decided to do the same thing, but with Family Guy — same plan, same chips, same deal with the playsets.

I know most of us are kind of done with Family Guy, but I figured this was newsworthy enough in the sense that Playmates is basically re-doing their Simpsons toys with Family Guy. I imagine Playmates is about five years too late to for this to really be a hit (let alone a World of Springfield-sized hit), but I could be wrong. The show obviously does fine. Enh, we’ll see when the toys come out in June… and we see how much the inevitable scalpers end up selling them for. (Via ToyNewsI)