Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Beer Hour

Do you have trouble pouring a beer into a glass? Well, then you shouldn’t be drinking, because you’re clearly less than six-years-old. Also, you might want to think about getting the Beer Hour Beer Dispenser, which allows you to… uh… pour a can of beer into a glass.

Now, when I first saw this, I assumed it was some device to reduce the amount of foam when pouring a beer for people too dumb to know how to tip the glass. But if you watch the video, that’s clearly not the case —  if anything, if produces more foam than simply pouring a can into a glass. Really, it’s just a goddamned beer sippy cup. Look, I’m all for booze and sippy cups (also, booze and rubber nipples) but pouring a sippy cup into another glass is just stupid. You beer-loving 6-year-olds with your parents’ credit cards can order it here at the Japan Trend Shop for a mere $40.