That Sandman TV Series? It Was All a Dream

Remember when Erik Kripke, the former showrunner for Supernatural, announced he was developing a TV series based on the beloved Sandman comics from Neil Gaiman and Vertigo? Well, no more. Kripke told The Hollywood Reporter that the project is currently dead, although he hopes to give it another shot someday.


?While Kripke’s experience juggling… well, supernatural stories and the necessities of entertaining the masses is considerable, and there are probably few people better suited to running a Sandman show, it’s probably for the best that it’s dead. I can’t imagine any network other than HBO staying even close to the source material, despite Kripke’s best intentions. Hell, we’d probably end up with Milo Ventimiglia starring as Dream and with all seven of the Endless sharing an apartment in Brooklyn or something. Thanks to Greg B. for the tip.