The Brave and the Bold and the Superdickish

Since you’re all card-carrying nerds, I assume you’re all aware of, which catalogs superheroes being assholes, mostly on Silver Age comics covers and usually thanks to red kryptonite, some kind of mind-control gas, or other assorted weirdness. It’s a blast. Well, the season premiere of Batman: Brave and the Bold this past Friday featured Superman having his first encounter with red kryptonite, and thus many, many famous moment of superdickery were actually animated. The above video begins where the homage starts (it’s actually the second half of the episode; the first half is available here, at least until someone at WB notices) and continues through the end — or at least until Batman fights Supes in a very familiar outfit and a different homage begins. Oh, Brave and the Bold. You’re still here and I already miss you. Thanks to Shawn P. for the tip.