The Spider-Man Musical Is Still Doin’ Great


?By which, of course, I mean that $0-budget Spider-Man musical I mentioned the other day called The Spidey Project a.k.a. Spiderman Smackdown. Tickets for both of the musical’s two shows — which I remind you was conceived, written, composed, cast and rehearsed between February 21st  and now — sold out in seconds, according to The Mary Sue. The first show is scheduled to open on March 14th at the People’s Improv Theater, a day before the decidedly higher budget Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical opens on March 15th.

In related and deeply hilarious news, it looks like TOtD won’t be opening on March 15th either. The NY Times reports the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued three major safety violations to the musical last Friday, with a fine of $12,600 (which is admittedly nothing to the $70 million musical). And now, friend of director Julie Taymor Roger Friedman says that Taymor will like push the opening to June, to allow new hires playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and conductor Paul Bogaev to see what they can do with the thing. This also has the benefit of keeping the musical from being eligible for this year’s Tony awards, which they were probably trying to get into before, but now desperately want to avoid because they will get massacred.

The best part of all of this? It’s that The Spidey Project didn’t need to rush. (Via Robot 6)