These Aren’t the Droids Anybody Was Looking For

It appears that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s shot-for-shot remake of Star Wars: A New Hope got derailed pretty early on. That’s a shame, because I would’ve watched the hell out of it.

In other news, I know College Humor is plenty big and Pegg and Frost were doing this to promote Paul, but still, holy shit how did CH score this? Do any Topless Robot-reading nerd celebrities want to whore themselves out for me in a similar fashion? Just email me and let me know! I’m not picky! I know Donald Faison and Damon Lindelof at least occasionally read the site — dudes, I will show you kicking me in the nuts as long as you say “Topless Robot” at some point on camera. Whatever you want! Anything is possible! No idea is too degrading!