Warner Bros. Is Gonna Reboot Batman (Obviously) and Make a Justice League Flick in 2013 (No Chance)


?Warner Bros. has announced two things. Can you possibly guess what they are?

? After The Dark Knight Rises, WB will “reinvent” the Batman movie franchise, albeit with Chris Nolan as producer. This is pretty much the most obvious news ever.

? Additionally, a Justice League script is being “worked on,” with the intention of releasing it in 2013. WB is either lying to us or to itself, because there’s no way this will happen. Even assuming Zack Snyder’s Superman is a hit, that means WB will have only two established heroes ready for JL, Supes and Green Lantern. There’s no way the Wonder Woman TV series will have any continuity to the movies (even in the unlikely even it’s successful through 2013) and Batman will be in mid-reinvention. Thus they run into some of the same problems that’s kept the JL movie from happening for years, in that it clashes with other potential DC movies — maybe it’ll sour audiences on a new Batman flick or possibly a Flash movie, and then some WB exec will get cold feet, and they’ll all keep waiting for that one magical moment when they get all their superhero franchise shit worked out just right, which will probably be in 2083 or so.

Now maybe — maybe WB actually knows what its doing. Again, that DC programming block on Cartoon Network is a great start. But since The Hobbit actually seems to be happening, Justice League is now the #1 Movie I Refuse to Believe Will Happen Until Production Actually Starts (and Then a Little After That, Probably). (Via Spinoff)