Hello Korra from The Last Airbender Sequel


?The Wall Street Journal has the first good look at Korra, the heroine from The Last Airbender sequel series Legend of Korra, because apparently nerdy websites just aren’t good enough to reveal nerdy news any more. Sigh. The Legend of Korra, as you’ll recall, is due on Nickelodeon sometime next year.The WSJ also revealed the cast:

Janet Varney as KORRA
Kiernan Shipka as JINORA 
Daniel Dae Kim as HIROSHI SATO
David Faustino as MAKO
Sheychelle Gabriel as ASAMI 
Lance Hendrickson as LIEUTENANT
JK Simmons as TENZIN

Well, Lance Henrikson and J.K. Simmons are always awesome, but David “Bud from Married with Children” Faustino as Mako? Color me skeptical, but obviously, the Airbender show-runners have earned more than enough trust that I’ll forgo my traditional doom-saying and just be happy we finally got a good pic of the main heroine. Wee! Thanks to Kyle S. for the tip.