Wanna Pay $375 for an Anti-Corporatist Ralph Bakshi Wizards Necron 99 Statue?


It’s funny – the one time I ever interviewed Ralph Bakshi, the beatnik, boundary-pushing auteur of adult animation, he railed against cartoons that fill Walmart shelves with merchandise, before conceding that if he ever got to make Wizards 2, he’d probably have to agree to some, and that might be okay if it got his political/social messages out to a wider audience.

At 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time, just under an hour from now, he’s going to make 15 9″ resin statues of Necron 99 from Wizards available via his eBay store for $375, promising smaller, cheaper ones (by which he means $100-$150) later in the year. It seems to me that he knows how to work the system of supply and demand pretty well.

Though I guess with only 15 of them, he can’t literally fill a Walmart shelf.