The Doctor, Amy and Rory Are Such Tweetiepies

During their promotional trip to New York City earlier this week, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were asked by the brilliant maniacs at BuzzFeed to read celebrity tweets in their best American accents. Taking on the 140-character-or-less musings of Snooki, Ghostface Killah and Sarah Palin, the trio proved to be more than game…even if their accents were largely terrible. (The notable exception being Matt Smith, whose John Wayne vocal theatrics surely have some sociological insight into how Brits view Americans that is worth examining). Sorry if between this post and my end-of-day commercial yesterday you are feeling a bit of Doctor Who overload, but this was just way too fun to sit on until Monday. I’m sorry but The Doctor saying “sometimes you’ve gotta flip it on your girl, b” is instant laughs as far as I’m concerned.