Awesome Things You Must Watch This Morning Part 1: Green Lantern

It was a very big weekend for nerd news, but there’s probably nothing bigger than this — four minutes of new Green Lantern movie footage that premiered at WonderCon. Why is it so important? Because however you thought that first GL trailer sucked, it appears to have been fixed. The effects look great, there’s a real sense of wonder, and tonally it seems perfect. Warner Bros. has already said that the effects in the first trailer weren’t finished — whether that’s true or not (i.e., they were finished until fans lost their shit and WB decided to improve them), Oa and the aliens and Parallax and even Hal’s suit look improved. You know, when this movie was first announced, the thing I was most excited about was that Martin Campbell was the director. Campbell helmed two of my favorite Bond movies, GoldenEye and Casino Royale, and I was really looking forward to him bringing his talents to a superhero flick. This video is what I imagined. So what do you guys think? What, if anything, seems wrong?