Cowboys & Aliens & Awesomeness

Fox debuted the new trailer for Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens during last night’s American Idol for some reason. (I know it’s a huge rated show, but is there really much crossover between sci-fi fans and folks who enjoy hacky talent shows?) Anyways, it’s two and a half minutes of rootin’-tootin’ Old West adventure that gives fans a better idea of the plot, footage of Harrison Ford seeming slightly less bored than usual, Sam Rockwell being typically awesome, alien mayhem and clips of a semi-naked Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig. Something to please everyone really. I haven’t read Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s graphic novel that the film is based on yet, but I’m always up for a good sci-fi Western. Hopefully, Cowboys & Aliens will turn out to be more like Westworld or that fantastic “Gunmen of the Apocalypse” episode of Red Dwarf than Wild Wild West. What do you guys think? Will you be, um, saddling up to see this when it hit theaters on July 29th?

Also, it’s a bit off topic but how many of you (if any) would rather have had Favreau direct The Avengers than Joss Whedon? I’m not looking to turn the comments into a nerd smackdown, but I am genuinely curious to find out your insights on this…