DC Superhero Outfit Trifecta: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman


?? Warner Bros. has just released a new pic of Ryan Reynolds in his supposedly-all-done-this-time-no-really Green Lantern movie uniform. I feel like the still shots doesn’t really do it justice; the point of having the all-CG uniform is to animate it and have it in flux, so I think it will look better in the move than it does HOLY SHIT WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS FEET. WHY CAN I SEE HIS TOES. THAT’S FUCKING GROSS. Bleh. Look, I’ll be the first to admit feet kind of freak me out — but this is super creepy looking. Seriously, can Hal not imagine some sensible footwear? (Via Nerd Bastards)

? Remember how we saw that pic of the TV show Wonder Woman with red boots and we thought they listened to us? Oh, we were so naive. Apparently, according to TV Line, Wonder Woman will wear three different outfit — one with the blue boots, one with the red boots, and one with, supposedly, Lynda Carter-style shorts instead of pants. There is absolutely no reason I can think of that makes this plan anything other than intensely stupid. (Via DC Women Kick Ass)


?? Last but not least, U.K.’s Daily Mail has the first pics from the Batman Live stage show. While normally I’d bash these for looking so Schumacher-ian, after months and months of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark insanity, they seem kind of authentic and quaint. At least there are no nipples. Plus, I can actually recognize all the Bat-villains, so it has that going for it, too. Thanks to Darth Oblivious for the tip.