Everything’s Coming Up Figwit


?From Variety:

“Flight of the Conchords” star Bret McKenzie has joined the cast of “The Hobbit,” which began shooting March 21.

Zealand-based McKenzie made brief appearances as an extra in the first
and third “Lord of the Rings” pics in which he achieved fan fame on the
Internet with the fan-created nickname “Figwit.” He’s playing Lindir, an
Elf of Rivendell, in “The Hobbit.”

I remember the day I first learned a Conchord played an elf in Fellowship. It was mind-blowing by itself, but it was was more mind-blowing to know how weirdly internet  popular the character had become even before Flight of the Conchords hit it big, and it was most mind-blowing to see that Bret McKenzie, sans beard, is such a pretty, pretty man. I don’t suppose seeing him in The Hobbit will be as mind-blowing, but it’s still going to be freaky. At least he warned us, I suppose.