George Lucas Is Still Kind of Racist

When The Phantom Menace came out, George Lucas was criticized — and deservedly so — for the horrible racial stereotypes perpetuated in the Nemoidian Trade Federation bad guys and, of course, the entire character of Jar Jar Binks. Everyone kind of assumes he did this unintentionally, even though there are only two black people in the entire original trilogy (Lando and the ice cream maker-holding guy). However, I think now it’s getting out of hand. George is building the Singapore-based LucasFilm Animation a new building, which sounds nice, right? Well, here’s what it looks like:


A sandcrawler. Is George Lucas saying that Singaporeans are a tiny people who speak in high-pitched nonsense? That they’re the type of people who will steal droids and then sell them to others? That they love tech and gadgets but have no morals? That the proper way to dispose of Singaporeans is to make a big pile of them and set them on fire? I think the answer is this: Yes. Obviously. We should be glad he didn’t build them the Ugnaught room from Empire and call them all “little piggies.” Thanks to RenGeek81 for the tip.