G.I. Joe Renegades Is Returning or Dead or Kinda Both


?The Joe-Con is being held in Orlando this weekend. I’ll try to post some pics of the toys on Monday if there are any cool ones, but for now, the news is that Hasbro had a Renegades panel where they said:

? After this season, G.I. Joe Renegades will definitely go on hiatus.
? A G.I. Joe animation will return in 2012 after the second movie.
? The new show will have the same “look” as Renegades and star the same characters
? …but it will be closer in story to the movie
? …but also it will be “farther along” in the Renegades‘ story, i.e. after they stop being renegades, presumably.

So it sounds like at the moment that Hasbro’s going to make a sequel series to Renegades, which is nice. Not that I haven’t enjoyed Renegades, but I also didn’t need four seasons of them on the lam trying to prove Cobra is evil. Still, I have my doubts how close the two shows will actually connect to each other once the movie gets figured out. Oh well, I guess we’ll see in a year. Oh, and Hasbro? If you want o change the “look” of the show, that’s fine with everyone. Seriously. No worries. (Via The Terrordrome)