Katee Sackoff Plays with a BSG Viper Toy

This video was released on April 10th, and iGeektrooper had it on April 21st. I have no idea how I missed it, because if there’s one thing I love posting, it’s videos of actors playing with toys from their series and geeking out over them. Here, Battlestar Galactica‘s Sackoff talks about the difficulties of working in the ship on set, and then marvels over the mini-spaceship — as well she should, since the “toy” is actually Quantum Mechanix’s insane, $1500 “Artisan Replica.” That Edward James Olmos is doing the filming for some reason (watch until the end, there’s an outtake of him talking to Katee) just makes this thing all the nerdier. Seriously, guys. If Topless Robot doesn’t report that this amazing/expensive Viper collectible has a tiny replica of Katee Sackoff’s ass-indentation on the pilot seat, who will? WHO WILL?!