The Crow Remake Might Have Hit a Car Windshield

bradley crowper.jpg

?The car windshield of threatened lawsuits! From Variety:

The Weinstein Co. has filed an injunction to halt Relativity’s sale of
distribution rights to the remake of “The Crow” to anyone but TWC.

somebody tries to buy those rights other than the Weinsteins, those
people will be simply buying a lawsuit,” said TWC attorney Bert Fields,
who filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Dispute centers
on a contract between TWC and Relativity — signed “as of March 25,
2009” — that the suit claims gives TWC exclusive rights to sequels,
prequels and remakes of 1994’s “The Crow,” which grossed close to $100
million worldwide.

While everyone’s surprised by the superhero team-up of The Crow and the Weinstein Bros. — maybe we could call it “The Brave and the Bloated” or something– I think all right-thinking people, Crow fanboys or not, approve of not having a Crow remake starring Bradley Cooper. And sure, the Weinsteins obviously don’t care even slightly for the integrity of… well, anything, and they just want money, but the fact remains their lesser evil is standing in the face of a greater evil. I’ll worry about the morality later.