And Making the Day’s Unlikely Female Ash Article Trifecta…


?Let me save everyone a lot of time — when the nerdernet posted the news that Lily Collins was going to be starring in the Evil Dead remake, really the news was simply that she was in talks to star in the Evil Dead remake. Those talks fell through, and now a new girl is in talks — specifically, Jane Levy, who apparently in Shameless, which I know nothing about except that the girl who played Bulma in the shitty live-action Dragonball Z movie often appeared naked in it. So when all the site’s say Jane here is the new Ash, please remember that’s not at all true, and she just might be the new Ash.

Meanwhile, is anyone else freaked out that somehow I managed to post about a female Ash three separate times today? I’m thinking I have a problem. Or at least a fetish I was hitherto unaware of. (Via Bloody Disgusting)