ThinkGeek Ruins Another April Fool’s Day with More Awesome, Non-Existant Merchandise

If you weren’t reading Topless Robot this time last year, you should know I HATE April Fool’s Day. As a blogger, I find it intensely annoying to try and find actual news on a day where everyone feels compelled to make up bullshit. Also, I’m not very bright, so I inevitably get suckered at least a couple of times. So I don’t do anything for April Fool’s Day or cover other people’s attempts.

There is one exception: ThinkGeek, because 1) they spend a lot of time and effort on their fake products, which is more impressive than just making shit up, and 2) sometimes, when the fake products are too awesome, they end up making them for real (e.g., the tauntaun sleeping bag). Unfortunately, there’s no way in hell anyone will be making their crown jewel of this year’s AFD nonsense, namely, the Playmobil Apple Store set.

While I am annoyed I can’t buy it, I still have to respect the work that went into the set and the fake commercial. Also, the little Playmobil Woz on a Segway is fucking outstanding. Head to ThinkGeek’s main page to see their other non-existent wares, including the 3D-to-2D conversion glasses, shirt plate, and more. Thanks to ZADL for the tip.