Toy News Trifecta: Thor, Doctor Who, Red Skull

Hot Toys Thor.jpg

? Hot Toys continues their streak of releasing eerily lifelike action figures with this plastic dead ringer of Chris Hemsworth as everyone’s favorite God of Thunder. As per usual with the products that Hot Toys releases, this insanely detailed figure comes with articulation a plenty, a detatchable cape, Mj?lnir, his helmet and various other accessories that you can play with to your heart’s content. This is verily good stuff folks! Ugh, sorry. Anyways, you can pre-order it now at Big Bad Toy Store for $159.99.

Time of Angels.jpg


? Now available in the UK or from your favorite toy importer, this Lego-esque playset from Character Building recreates last year’s Doctor Who episode “The Time of Angels.” And would you just look at the widdy bitty figures of the Doctor and Amy it comes with! (Although a tiny Weeping Angel isn’t really menacing at all). You can find more information about this as well as upcoming Who releases at Doctor Who Toys.


? Because the responsibilities of being an evil Nazi shithead don’t leave time for healthy eating, the Red Skull looks gaunt and constipated. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to buy his action figure once it releases with the Captain America toy line later this summer. (Via Marvelous News) UPDATE: Head to i09 for pictures of the Skull and more of his action figure cronies.