TR Contest: Your Ultimate Nerdy Time-Travel Trip


?This weekend’s contest isn’t really based on the Doctor Who s6 premiere, but it’s a contest I have been planning on running for a long time (although I keep have the feeling I have already run it, although I can’t find it in the archives), which Topless Roboteer Security Stooge reminded me of earlier this week. However, it does have to do with time-travel, so if you want to pretend it’s for Doctor Who, be my guest.

Here’s the contest: You can visit any place on Earth at any time — but only for five minutes, and one for one nerd-related reason. Why only five minutes? Because I want you to tell me the one action you’d take if you had one trip on a time machine. Would you: Go to 1985 and buy all the Super Powers figures you saw in Service Merchandise? Tell your younger self not to sell your Atari in that garage sale? Steal one of George Lucas’ early Star Wars scripts and change Luke Skywalker’s name to Blast Hardcheese? Bury a Game Boy in 10 million BC, so you can dig it up in the present and blow everyone’s minds?

The point is you can observe one brief event, acquire one thing or set of things, or do one single action. In the interest of getting some decent answers, let me preemptively rule out the following answer possibilities:

? Killing Hitler (always a good idea, but not really nerdy)
? Killing George Lucas any time after 1983
? Having sex with anybody
? Giving your younger self any kind of sports almanac

What would I do? I’d go back to 2008 to when I started FFF and tell me to only do them biweekly, as to save myself a near infinite amount of anguish these past three years. So there we go! One entry per person. If you want to win, keep your entries short. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, April 25th. You guys have a good weekend, and those of you who celebrate it, a happy Easter as well. I hope everyone gets lots of delicious Cadbury Creme Eggs.