Geek Apparel of the Week: Don’t Blink, NeverEnding Solo and Shut Up Shinji


?? I’ve got quite a backlog for awesome nerd t-shirts, so I thought I’d better run three. First up is yet another Weeping Angels from Doctor Who-themed shirt, but goddamn if I don’t love this design. Yes, it’s got the TARDIS in the middle, but the blue on blue, and the way the angels are framing it, makes it possibly the classiest Who shirt I’ve ever seen. It’s $10, today only, at TeeFury.

falkor falking out.jpg

?? The NeverEnding Story still creeps the shit out of me, but this shirt of Falkor rocking the falk out is so awesome I can almost get over it. It’s $22 at Threadless.


?? I feel this this shirt is pretty self-explanatory; it’s also $18.50 at TopatoCo. I only hope they release a companion shirt later that reads “DON’T JERK OFF ON ME WHILE I’M ASLEEP, SHINJI.” Thanks to Kaoy for the tip.