Now the Uncharted Movie Loses a Director, Gets a Reprieve


?A reprieve from sucking, specifically. You may remember that director David O. Russell of Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees semi-fame was attached to direct the movie based on the hit PlayStation adventure games, and was 1) casting Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake, despite the fact that everyone on the planet wanted Nathan Fillion for the role, including Nathan Fillion, and 2) he was going to make it about some globe-trotting family, which is nothing like the Uncharted games but very similar to the rather awful National Treasure movies.

Anyways, good news: Russell has dropped out of directing the Uncharted movie, and appears to be taking Mark Wahlberg with him. Again, I wouldn’t get your hopes up that the next person will do the movie right or even hire Fillion. Hell, I think the only good thing about Uncharted and Akira losing their directors at the same time is that Brett Ratner can only be hired to direct one of them. (Via Variety)