Once Upon a Rip-Off

I’d like to issue another correction, albeit one not as grievous as the last one. See, earlier this week I said that the upcoming NBC show Grimm — about a cop who discovers he’s the last in a line of fairy tale hunters hilariously named Grimm — was a rip-off of Fables. Many of you readers corrected me, saying that actually, ABC’s upcoming show Once Upon a Time is actually the rip-off of Fables, as it stars fairy tale characters exiled to the real world after an evil enemy (in this case, the Evil Queen) takes over their lands. If you want to judge the show based on a single clip — which, as you might recall, I kind of get paid to do — it looks pretty crappy, although not as crappy as Grimm, in my opinion.

Anyways, you guys were correct. Had I heard of Once Upon a Time when I was posted about Grimm, I would have come to the same conclusion, especially once I remembered that ABC was actually considering the Fables show, but then apparently turned it down, and then ordered this totally different series about fairy tale characters living in the real world. I think we can still safely say that NBC’s Grimm is actually a rip-off of Once Upon a Time; I feel pretty confident that NBC heard about this show, and then wondered how they could make their own version, just dumber. Everybody wins! Except people who enjoy quality television.