Professor X: Before the Dickery

It’s yet another clip from X-Men: First Class, this time showing Lil’ Professor X and the utterly nightmarish Lil’ Mystique upon their first meeting as tots. As it turns out, Chuck’s mother didn’t make him hot chocolate as a kid, which is why Charles had to toss Banshee out of windows and trade Beast to an insurance agent school when he grew up. It all makes sense now. Incidentally, can I tel you how I think this conversation from the clip ends?

Xavier: And here you are. Charles Xavier.
Mystique: Raven.
Xavier: Raven what?
Mystique: Raven Darkholme.
Xavier: …
Mystique: What?
Xavier: Get out.
Mystique: Huh? Why?
Xavier: I’m happy to have found another mutant, but by god I will not have a Vampire: The Masquerade LARPer in my house. Just “obfuscate” your blue ass out the same way you came in, honey.

Thanks to Kiekan for the tip.