Curt Connors and the Secret of the Ooze

Anyone care for some new Lizard footage from The Amazing Spider-Man? No? Well, what if I told you it features ol’ Doc Connors in mid-transformation? No? Look, just work with me on this. You know, what bugs me is how director Marc Webb points out how the Lizard isn’t a mustache-twirling villain, which is how I’ve always seen Connors — he’s a scientist who wants to help people, as well as himself, and he just overreaches and accidentally were-lizards himself on the way. I remember a lot of time in the comics and cartoon where Dr. Connors helps Peter Parker, because when he’s not a monster, he’s a genuinely good person.

But the shit Webb and Rhys Ifans are saying in this video notwithstanding, The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Curt Connors does seem a lot closer to a mustache-twirling villains. He’s clearly involved in some shady shit regarding Peter’s parents, and he’s made plenty of threats in his human form in previous footage — and he doesn’t seem to be upset that he turns into a murderous, rampaging Super Mario Bros. movie Goomba in the tiniest degree. At any rate, I’m pretty sure the movie is turning the Lizard into a much more generic villain than the comics version, and that kind of sucks. (Via Twitch)