So Here’s What Dead Island Actually Plays Like

We’ve seen the infinitely traumatizing promo movie. We saw the last promo teaser with the same crazy sad music. Now, here’s 10-minutes of actual real gameplay from Dead Island, and while it doesn’t make me want to weep or hide under the bed, it does look pretty fun. It seems to be a mix of Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, in that it’s an first-person game (with more melee than shooting) in a large, open world environment with main quests and plenty of side quests to go on. And you can fuck around with your equipment to do things as sensible as stick nails in your baseball bat or things as ridiculous as attached C4 to your machete so you can throw it into zombie’s heads (extremely silly, but massively satisfying). And of course, there will be 4-player multiplayer, which is great for people who don’t hate other people, unlike myself. Overall, I’m still pleased. It looks like if Fallout 3 were a zombie game — and I can’t see anything wrong with that. Thanks to Jason W. for the tip.