“The Event That Will Redefine the Broadway Spectacular”

Now that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has had all its myriad problems fixed in one short month off, the producers have decided to release a new commercial for the musical, one that one that acknowledges the musical’s infamy and keeps expectations for the new version realistic. Nah, just kidding, they’re promising it’s the “most daring and innovative” Broadway musical ever, as if “daring” and “innovative” were synonyms for “troubled” and “expensive.” I’m not 100% why I’m running this commercial, because now that the musical is less amazingly dumb (supposedly) and less dangerous to its cast (for the moment), it’s actually really boring to me. I guess I’m just covering it out of habit. Or maybe it’s because I just wanted an excuse to like to this Conan skit from last night, which showcased some new Spidey musical villains including the amazing and terrifying LepreKong. Honestly, if Turn Off the Dark added a tiny ape in a leprechaun outfit, I would recant everything bad I ever said about the musical and immediately purchase a front row ticket. (Via Robot 6)