The Last Final Green Lantern Trailer Looks Pretty Damned Good

Don’t let the first half of the trailer trick you, because it starts — and continues — exactly like the last 18 or so Green Lantern movie trailers. But then shit gets crazy. There’s tons of new shots, including:

? Some of Hal’s training
? Some of Sinestro’s dissing of Hal
? Kilowog being Kilowog
? Amanda Waller in the hizzy
? Hector Hammond’s increasingly large head
? Carol Ferris
? A goddamned Guardian, finally

So that’s all pretty cool. Plus, there are a lot of new special effects shots in there, as if WB wants to tell us “Seriously, that new $9 mil we added to the CG SFX budget was just to polish shit up. Don’t even worry about it!” which now I’m kind of inclined to do.

I’d like to add two other thoughts: 1) even though the effects may not look perfect, or still look a little weird, I honestly think that’s just the times we live in. CG SFX are pretty great now, but they aren’t quite picture perfect unless you spend 10 years and a billion dollars on a single film and are James Cameron. If you’re going to have a crazy sci-fi movie set out in space with tons of crazy aliens and super-powers, you’re going to have to do it almost all CG, and this is pretty much as good as it’s going to look. For my money, I’d rather have the movie now than wait another decade or so when CG may — may — look perfect.

The other thought is this: When Ryan Reynolds says something like “I don’t believe in myself” in this new trailer, I immediately thought “That is not Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan’s defining characteristic is that he doesn’t fear shit, which means he doesn’t doubt himself, either.” And then I remembered that was Hal’s only defining characteristic, and pretty much the reason I find him so goddamned boring. So if GL purists want lose their minds that Hal has to overcome fear in this movie, go ahead, but I’m pretty sure I and most mass audiences will be much more interested to watch Hal actually grow as a character over the course of the film.

You may now freak the fuck out at me in the comments. Oh, and thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.