The New Man of Steel Trailer Shows Off Superman’s Tortured Side


The new Man of Steel trailer has arrived. Let’s take a look, shall we?:More than anything, what this trailer seems determined to get across is that this will be a brooding, intense Superman film akin to Christopher Nolan’s Batflicks. Intellectually, I understand Zack Synder’s desire to distance himself from what has gone before, but I still have to say that this doesn’t really stir much inside of me other than indifference. It’s another Superman origin tale, only one that is darker and grittier and more explosion-y. Sure, It looks like serviceable entertainment for sure, but there’s nothing in this trailer that is compelling enough to justify the film’s existence. That’s my two cents anyway.

Do you want an angsty bearded Superman? At some point in the film will he throw on Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and sulk? Will Lois Lane be moonlighting at Hot Topic in the movie? Sound off about your hopes and fears for this project below.