Hey, It’s an Amazing 12-Inch Figure Not Made by Hot Toys


?Nope, Leon here — from The Professional fame — is made by Enterbay, who seems to have gotten added onto whatever contract with the devil Hot Toys has that allows them to sculpt stunningly realistic 12-inch action figures.The figure, as far as I can tell, is due out next month and will go for about $225 bucks (professionalism don’t come cheap). I hope to god Enterbay stops here and doesn’t make a Natalie Portman as Mathilda figure, though… not because I wouldn’t want one — I would, even more than Leon here — but knowing the kind of evil men could and would wreak upon a stunningly realistic 12-year-old Natalie Portman toy would keep me from ever getting a sound night’s sleep again. Best just not to have the option, really. Oh, there’s a pic of the zillion accessories Leon comes with after the jump, if you’re interested. Yes, he has the plant.