Toy News Trifecta: Zombie Magneto, Play Arts Kai Rorschach, Rocketman


-The new Zombie Magneto figure from Diamond Select features the exclusive likeness of Ian McKellen without makeup. Nahh, that’s mean. Of course what I mean to say is that it looks like Michael Fassbender without makeup. And he comes with a severed piece of Green Goblin arm to chew on, because fuck you movieverse, toys still get to cross over Spider-Man and X-Men characters.

-Rorschach has been done before as a toy, in both 12″ and 6″ scales, but Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai version, halfway between the two scales, looks to have the most bang for the buck, with tons of articulation and a detailed paint job. Yes, it’ll run you $90, but even in the face of armageddon, you should never compromise on toy quality.

-Apologies if you saw “Rocketman” and were hoping for a flatulent Harland Williams figure in a spacesuit – this guy goes way back to the old ’50s adventure serials like Rocket Men on the Moon, and curiously features a black-and-white costume with a flesh-colored, accurate-likeness human figure inside. At $260, this 12″ figure probably costs more than the original costume did.