TR Contest Special: Real-Life Power-Up, Sponsored by Insert Coin Clothing!

red shell large3.jpg

?Got another special contest this week! Geek apparel maker Insert Coin — makers of the awesome and subtle Metal Gear Solid Calber’s Ketchup shirt I mentioned several months ago, the cool Red Shell shirt to the right, as well as several other great videogame-themed shirts — is sponsoring this week’s contest. Three lucky winners will get their choice of one t-shirt from their store, which you can peruse here.

What’s the contest? Well, I want you to tell me what videogame item you’d want in real life, and why. I said power-up in the article title, just to be clear this is a videogame-related contest, but really, any item from a videogame is fine. The tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros. 3? The Spreadshot from Contra? The invisibility thing from Halo? Whatevs. Any item from any game is up for grabs, but it will have whatever limitations it does in the game — limited ammo, limited durations, disappears when you get hit, whatever. The important thing is you tell me why you want it. The more entertaining/awesome/ridiculous, the reason, the better.

One entry per person.
Keep ’em reasonably short, because I get the feeling there’s going to be a lot more entries than last week. Don’t forget to mention what game the power-up/item is from, in case some folks don’t know it. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, May 23rd. Thanks to Insert Coin for sponsoring this weekend’s contest; please give their store a look-through when you have a chance. And have a good weekend, everybody! Suck suck suck!