Uncharted: Among Toys

I’ve been running Topless Robot for over three years now, and I think yesterday was the first day I ever did an article about Diamond Select’s Mini-Mates, about those cool pirates figures. However, the second article about Mini-Mates has come a bit quicker… as in today. Because I just found out that Diamond is making Uncharted Mini-Mates.


These are the first and only Uncharted toys on the market. Given how popular the games are and the character of Nathan Drake is, I don’t know how that’s possible, but there it is. He and what’s-her-name are one two-pack of four from Diamond’s PlayStation Heroes line, which also includes Jax & Daxter, Resistance: Fall of Man and Rachet & Clank, all of which should be in Toys “R” Us stores now-ish. Hopefully at least the Uncharted pack will sell well enough that Diamond realizes they should make a regular action figure of Nate… or Sony realizes they should let them make one.