X-Men: First Class Is Gonna Be a Great Movie


?All right, respect. Whatever qualities or problems X-Men: First Class is going to have, it really will feature a scene of January Jones as Emma Frost just hanging out in lingerie as if it was a regular, socially acceptable outfit. While I’m not losing my mind at the Maxim pin-up-iness of it, I do think it’s amazing that they’ve taken this one bizarre character trait of the White Queen and just run it with on-screen. It’s probably for the best, because if you’ve seen Jones try to “act” in any of the million or so film clips that have been released (like this one), you’ll understand why it’s probably a good idea for Jones to be standing around in a bra for most of the film.

And don’t worry, ladies, I haven’t forgotten about you. Unfortunately, Michael Fassbender seems to be mostly clothed in First Class, but here’s a clip of him looking good and being badass, an act which I will now refer to as “Fassbending.” Sorry it’s not a pic of him standing around in bikini briefs, but it’s the best I could do.